Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meet the Weavers!

Occasionally a character stands out more than the rest. Take Kitty Morgan from Geralyn Beauchamp's Time Masters series. Look what happened to her!
And, occasionally, an entire family stands out. As is the case  here. 
When I first wrote His Forever Valentine, the third book in the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series, I had no idea the Weavers were going to show up. There I was, in chapter nine, writing a conversation between Matthew Quinn and his father when lo and behold, this came out of Mr. Quinn's mouth: "Your Aunt Mary and cousins are coming to town for the dance."
Matthew was about to take a bite but stopped, eyes wide. "Oh good grief, they're all coming?"
His father sat back in his chair. "Yes they are. All of them."
Matthew dropped his bread. It plopped into his soup. "Lord help us all."
 And thus is the usual reaction whenever poor Matthew (affectionately known as Matty to his cousins) knew the Weavers were coming.

Readers keep asking for more, and I do have more Weaver stories coming later this year. But I understand that some folks want them NOW. So to tide everyone over until we return to Nowhere in the Washington territory, I've gathered all the Weaver stories from the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series, and put them in one big book. This means we have Arlan, Benjamin and Calvin's stories, but also pieces taken from other books where they make an appearance and some new stories involving our boisterous bunch.

So this is a book bundle done a bit differently. In that, they're bundled out of order from the series. Weaver books from the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series consist of books 5, 13 and 14. They made appearances in books 3 and 12. Needless to say, they got around. But put all this material together and you have a nice big fat book of Weaver tales to enjoy, plus a few added extras! Great for a long weekend of visiting your favorite characters or if you're new to the Weavers, a wonderful way to get to know them! Enjoy! You can Meet the Weavers here.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Being an Indie Author

Lot's of people ask why I'm an Indie Author. After all, if a person is categorized as "Indie" doesn't that mean your writing's no good?
In a word. No.
Sure, there are folks out there trying their hand at writing, many for the first time, and first-timers trip, stumble, fall and soon learn they have to write a good book, a very good book. That holds true whether someone is indie published or traditionally published. In fact, you'll hear it, you'll read it, you'll tell everybody else once you've figured it out for yourself. You have to write a darn good book! But once you've done that, what do you do with it?
Thanks to amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space, you can take that great book and publish it yourself. Or, if one is so inclined, go the traditional route. Why did I choose to become an indie author? Because it's darn fun, for one thing! Two, I have complete freedom! Freedom to choose who edits my books, design my covers, when to release a title and so on. It's my own business and I love it! And three? Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space make it easy! Everything you need to publish your book is there at your finger-tips. I've published e-books, print books and audio books through Kindle Direct Publishing, Create Space and ACX,  (audio creation exchange). For the last four years (and 47 books) I've published this way and have never looked back.

Why do I love being indie? Well, indie authors can have their books into the hands of readers much faster than the traditional route. Not only that, but I've made so many wonderful friends in this world of self-publishing, that I can't keep track of them sometimes! Indie authors are very supportive of one another and enjoy watching a fellow indie bring a new book into the world. They understand about giving the reader the very best that they can, but also understand that we can all improve our craft. They help each other out by suggesting tools, classes, conferences, all designed to increase a writer's skill set, to write a better book. Many of the books I've read have been written by self-published authors. Incredible books, ones I can't find on the shelf of a bookstore. No, these gems are found in a treasure chest called the internet. Many of them on amazon, a company that paved the way for the indie author and made it possible for not just good books, but great books to find their way into the hands of readers. Happy readers at that. Because we now have access to more books than ever before.

So the next book you read may well have been written by an indie author who, after pouring their blood, sweat and tears into a story they wanted to share with the world, uploaded their book through Kindle Direct Publishing, and voila! Within hours we were  enjoying the same story! You don't have to wait months and months, or even longer to read the author's next book. This, of course, is another great perk of being an indie author.

So what else is great about being an indie author? Well, Amazon is celebrating Indie Authors throughout the month of October! What a great way to discover new books! Check out great Indie Authors at  You might find an new author or two to love! I know I have!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Book #3 of 50 States, 50 Books, 50 Days ...

Today we have Amelia C. Adams' book, Hope of New Jersey. Book #3 in the American Mail-Order Bride Series. Here's what Hope's story is all about!

Hope Middleton was all but thrown away by the family that was supposed to care for her. Now on her own, she loses her job when the factory where she worked burned to the ground. With no other alternatives, she answers an advertisement for a mail-order bride and travels to Newark, New Jersey, expecting a simple life in a quiet community. Instead, she is thrown into the middle of the dark mystery that surrounds her enigmatic fiancĂ©, with only the chance of falling in love as her saving grace. 

This retelling brings the drama of a Bronte classic together with the romance of a mail-order bride novella. 

You can purchase Hope on amazon

Friday, November 20, 2015

Book #2 of 50 States, 50 Books, 50 Days

We're at book #2 in the American Mail-Order Bride series! Today Merry Farmer takes the wheel and guides us into the wonderful world of the Amish. Here's what you'll read:

When a fire destroys the factory where Willow Miller works, her only choice for a secure future comes through becoming a mail-order bride to ex-Amish, Amos Stoltzfus, and moving to her ancestral home of Pennsylvania. Hope carries her forward into a new life, but guilt over her part in the fire that destroyed the factory threatens to hold her back. 

Amos Stoltzfus is overjoyed to bring someone as sweet and special as Willow into his life to recapture a sense of family and love that he has been missing. But Amos has a past of his own and unresolved conflict with his neighbor and former best friend, Mark Lapp, that stands in the way of family, happiness, and the community around him. 

Can Willow help resolve the pain and heal the breach that divides Amos from his community and his culture, or will her troubles stand in the way of her and Amos’s happiness? 

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Steam Level - Sweet/Clean 

You can purchase Merry's book here amazon Enjoy!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

History in the Making! 50 states, 50 books, 50 days!

Today marks the beginning of the American Mail-Order Bride series. The brain-child of Kirsten Osbourne, best known for her Brides of Beckham Series. Here's Kirsten's story of how it all got started:

I have to start with how the project came about. I was chatting on Facebook with a relatively new writer, Cindy Caldwell, back in May. In fact, she was working on writing her first mail-order bride romance. Something she said triggered an idea in my brain. I've been telling her she threw the idea into my head for six months now! Not sure why she puts up with me...
Well, she agreed to take a leadership role in the whole process, and we conscripted poor Ashley Merrick. (She's probably still wondering how she got roped into this!) Without the two of them, this project never would have happened. I'm so glad they were at my side throughout! It never would have happened, especially this quickly, without the two of them.
Anyway, the idea was to have a project on a bigger scale than I've seen done before. Maybe take a bunch (oh, 45) of authors and invite them to write connected stories. Like, fifty connected books. So we thought about how we could do it. Poor girl was stuck helping me on the project from that day forward.
We came up with the idea of having fifty mail-order bride romances, one for each state of the Union. We weren't sure if we could get enough authors, but that part was easy! Now I know you are wondering why we think 45=50. I promise it's not common core math. We're above that. We had five authors each take two states. Which is how 45=50 in our eyes. We call it Pioneer Hearts Math!
All of the books will be released a day apart, starting November 19th, 2015. They will go through January 7th, 2016. We'll be releasing them in the order the states joined the Union, starting with Kit Morgan writing about Delaware, and going all the way through Janelle Daniels writing about Hawaii. The stories take place in 1890-1891. They all have a common theme, which starts in a little garment factory in Lawrence, Massachusetts, in September of 1890.
Facebook page is here:
We have a website with the prequel and all of the covers. Anyone interested in seeing the covers? Reading the prequel?

Can you believe it? 50 states, 50 books, 50 days! And I got the honor of writing the first in the series to kick things off! And what an honor it was to work with such wonderful authors! So here we go, folks! Start with Lottie which can be found on amazon then enjoy a book a day for the next fifty days! Each day I'll be posting the book of the day, so be watching!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Summer into Fall, Reading into ... MORE READING!

Alas, summer will soon be passing into the fall months. Some folks have even got the itch to bake things already!  This, of course, means that as the weather slowly turns, we'll all be heading inside to read more. Yes, yes, as opposed to reading outside, but reading is reading!  I didn't get a chance to do much myself this summer. I read a little on flights between writer's conferences and home, and a little while camping. But to sit down and have the luxury of devouring a book until it's done ... hasn't happened yet. Soon, I hope. I did pick up a lot of books at the Romance Writers of America Conference, so woo hoo!  But between now and my TBD date for being a complete and total unabashed book monger, I thought I'd share what I have coming up for you!  For those of you who don't subscribe to my newsletter (oh the shame! You should pop over to my website right now and remedy that!) Justin's Runaway Bride (Dalton Brides, Book Eight) is available for pre-order! Everyone keeps asking me about pre-orders, so I thought I'd do one. They're kinda fun!  In the mean time I'm working on Benjamin's story. Yes, yes, Benjamin Weaver! Boy, has he got his hands full!  Once I'm done with him I have to switch gears and turn into my alter-ego, Geralyn Beauchamp, and work on the infamous TM3 as it's referred to. Short for Time Master's Book Three The Legacy. 

Finding a model for Dallan MacDonald hasn't been easy, but I think I've narrowed it down to dear
Will somebody please make her stop?!?!?!?!
Harvey Stables, who was kind enough to pose with my daughter Hana during the Romance Writers of America Conference. I told Hana to act just like Kitty Morgan, and lo and behold, if Harvey didn't react the way Dallan would. Tee hee hee! Poor man.  Kim Killion, my designer, and her assistant Jennifer Jakes demonstrated a cover model shoot to a standing room only audience, complete with one live cover model, as opposed to a not so live one I suppose. (Rest assurred, Harvey is alive and well and doing fine.) and a good time was had by all. 
 I'll be working on TM3 while traveling, which should be interesting to say the least, as my characters will be doing some traveling of their own...

What comes after I'm done writing TM3? More westerns of course!  Kitty Morgan will have to get back to work and delve into Calvin Weaver's story! And before too many Weavers get a tale told about them, someone else needs a turn. Can you guess who it is????? While you're guessing, I have three new audio books out. Again, if you get my newsletter, you know this already, and I'm working on proofing His Prairie Sweetheart now. And boy oh boy! I think this is my new favorite. My narrator's rendition of Logan Kincaid is great! Hubba, hubba, hubba! I can't wait for you all to hear it!  I guess that's it for now. Until next time, and here are the links for the pre-order of Justin's Runaway Bride!

amazon,  iBooks