Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meet the Weavers!

Occasionally a character stands out more than the rest. Take Kitty Morgan from Geralyn Beauchamp's Time Masters series. Look what happened to her!
And, occasionally, an entire family stands out. As is the case  here. 
When I first wrote His Forever Valentine, the third book in the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series, I had no idea the Weavers were going to show up. There I was, in chapter nine, writing a conversation between Matthew Quinn and his father when lo and behold, this came out of Mr. Quinn's mouth: "Your Aunt Mary and cousins are coming to town for the dance."
Matthew was about to take a bite but stopped, eyes wide. "Oh good grief, they're all coming?"
His father sat back in his chair. "Yes they are. All of them."
Matthew dropped his bread. It plopped into his soup. "Lord help us all."
 And thus is the usual reaction whenever poor Matthew (affectionately known as Matty to his cousins) knew the Weavers were coming.

Readers keep asking for more, and I do have more Weaver stories coming later this year. But I understand that some folks want them NOW. So to tide everyone over until we return to Nowhere in the Washington territory, I've gathered all the Weaver stories from the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series, and put them in one big book. This means we have Arlan, Benjamin and Calvin's stories, but also pieces taken from other books where they make an appearance and some new stories involving our boisterous bunch.

So this is a book bundle done a bit differently. In that, they're bundled out of order from the series. Weaver books from the Holiday Mail-Order Bride series consist of books 5, 13 and 14. They made appearances in books 3 and 12. Needless to say, they got around. But put all this material together and you have a nice big fat book of Weaver tales to enjoy, plus a few added extras! Great for a long weekend of visiting your favorite characters or if you're new to the Weavers, a wonderful way to get to know them! Enjoy! You can Meet the Weavers here.