Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Lone Ranger! What a Ride!

For a Rip-Roaring Good Time...

My son and I went to see the Lone Ranger yesterday.  It wasn't what I expected but I was pleasantly surprised!  It was action packed and hilarious! As an action/adventure/comedy writer I of course, loved it!
The woman sitting next to me, not so much.  Her comments of "This is the stupidest movie! I can't believe I paid for this!  What were they thinking?"
She obviously hadn't seen any of Gore Verbinski's movies or she'd know what she was in for. 

Depp and Hammer play off each other nicely with Depp having most of the zinger lines.  A fantasy element is introduced early on in the form of a 'spirit horse' to play out the fantastical elements of the story. With great scenery as a back drop, The Lone Ranger is a action packed comedy with a touch of fantasy that had even the soured woman next to me laughing in parts.  Of course she groused  at the end that such things could never happen and again how stupid the whole thing was at which point I turned to her and simply said, "That's why they call it fiction." 

Go have yourself a great time with a great flick!  You'll be glad you did!

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