Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cozette's Sweet Fritters, One of Duncan's Favorites!

By now we all know how Cozette loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen.  Here is one of Duncan's favorites.  And believe it or not, these have nothing to do with chocolate!  Well, except the dipping sauce!  

One pint of milk
Three tablespoons of sugar
Two teacupfuls of flour
Three stiffly beaten eggs
One-half of a salt-spoonful of salt
Two teaspoonfuls of baking powder
Mix then drop on a kettle of hot lard and fry until brown
Serve with Duncan's favorite chocolate sauce!

Of course, Cozette didn't have our modern day cooking oil nor measuring spoons and cups!  Things were a little different back then but old recipes are so much fun to look at!

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