Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Why a Mail Order Bride Series?

Well Why Not?  

I've taken two things I love, mail order brides and holidays and combined them to create the Holiday Mail Order Bride Series!  These fun, sweet romances take place around some of our favorite holidays like Valentine's Day, New Years Day, the Fourth of July, May Day, St. Patrick's Day, and of course, Christmas!  The first book in the series is set around this fun holiday and though the story is centered much more on the characters and their romance, Christmas still makes for a nice little back drop.  I actually have two Christmas stories coming out.  One to top off the Prairie Bride Series, 'A Clear Creek Christmas', and the first book in the Holiday Mail Order Bride Series, The Christmas Mail Order Bride!  You can get a copy at amazon or Barnes and Nobles or iTunes
Be watching for the next installment of the Holiday Mail Order Bride Series, January's Promise, coming in December!  Also be watching for Christmas in Clear Creek coming in November!  And in the midst of all this fun, a war is brewing!  Yes, a war.  Mrs. Dunnigan has some new competition with Mrs. Upton in town and both cooks are ready to battle it out!  What recipe would you suggest  Mrs. Dunnigan use to blow Mrs. Upton out of the water?  Any suggestions?  Happy Readying and as always, enjoy!


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