Thursday, February 20, 2014

Okay Gang! Here's what books you have to look forward to!

Someone from my Facebook page asked when to expect upcoming books in The Mail Order Bride Series, so here are the targeted dates!  

Her Irish Surrender will be out the last week, (I'm shooting for 2/26) of this month.

The Springtime Mail Order Bride: March 20th (as that IS the first day of spring!)

Then as far as holidays go, there's a gap, and since not many people want to read about the fourth of July in April, I plan to release the boys ... er ... ah, the grooms I mean. As in Prairie Grooms! Because it's just so fun to go back to Clear Creek and find out what happens to the Cookes when Duncan sends their unwed cousins from
England to Colin and Harrison, and puts THEM in charge of marrying them off!  Talk about your long distance mail order brides! Only it's the Cookes' writing back and forth to each other and playing matchmaker.  (Sadie and Belle will be in matchmaking heaven!).  You'll recall Tom Turner mentioning the whole affair, in His Forever Valentine. Alas, poor Tom is only 15 during the Prairie Groom stories. They take place in 1861. The Holiday Mail Order Bride stories are taking place in 1871.

Prairie Grooms Book One (August Bennet's story) will release mid-April.  

Prairie Grooms Two, (Ryder's story, who appeared quite briefly in a scene in A Clear Creek Christmas) will release mid-May.

Love in Independence (Holiday Mail Order Brides Book Six) will release mid-June.

Prairie Grooms Three (Seth's story. You haven't met dear Seth yet, but you will ...) Should release the last week of June.  And yes, now  I'll have two series going on at the same time during the same months!  Hang onto your seats!

There are six Prairie Groom books planned for this year and a total of nine Holiday Mail Order Bride books in the series.  Love at Harvest Moon, which is planned for September.  The Thanksgiving Mail Order Bride, planned for October, and finally, The Holiday Mail Order Bride which will wrap up the series and release in November.  I'd love to go back to Clear Creek again for Christmas, if Duncan and Cozette aren't too busy, and let them go home for a visit. However, Duncan and Cozette have their own interesting adventures going on, which I'll tell you about later ...

Until then, happy reading!

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  1. How many of your books and their titles interact with the Time Masters? I know of a couple but would have to go back and read all your books I have to see which ones.