Saturday, October 1, 2016

Being an Indie Author

Lot's of people ask why I'm an Indie Author. After all, if a person is categorized as "Indie" doesn't that mean your writing's no good?
In a word. No.
Sure, there are folks out there trying their hand at writing, many for the first time, and first-timers trip, stumble, fall and soon learn they have to write a good book, a very good book. That holds true whether someone is indie published or traditionally published. In fact, you'll hear it, you'll read it, you'll tell everybody else once you've figured it out for yourself. You have to write a darn good book! But once you've done that, what do you do with it?
Thanks to amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space, you can take that great book and publish it yourself. Or, if one is so inclined, go the traditional route. Why did I choose to become an indie author? Because it's darn fun, for one thing! Two, I have complete freedom! Freedom to choose who edits my books, design my covers, when to release a title and so on. It's my own business and I love it! And three? Kindle Direct Publishing and Create Space make it easy! Everything you need to publish your book is there at your finger-tips. I've published e-books, print books and audio books through Kindle Direct Publishing, Create Space and ACX,  (audio creation exchange). For the last four years (and 47 books) I've published this way and have never looked back.

Why do I love being indie? Well, indie authors can have their books into the hands of readers much faster than the traditional route. Not only that, but I've made so many wonderful friends in this world of self-publishing, that I can't keep track of them sometimes! Indie authors are very supportive of one another and enjoy watching a fellow indie bring a new book into the world. They understand about giving the reader the very best that they can, but also understand that we can all improve our craft. They help each other out by suggesting tools, classes, conferences, all designed to increase a writer's skill set, to write a better book. Many of the books I've read have been written by self-published authors. Incredible books, ones I can't find on the shelf of a bookstore. No, these gems are found in a treasure chest called the internet. Many of them on amazon, a company that paved the way for the indie author and made it possible for not just good books, but great books to find their way into the hands of readers. Happy readers at that. Because we now have access to more books than ever before.

So the next book you read may well have been written by an indie author who, after pouring their blood, sweat and tears into a story they wanted to share with the world, uploaded their book through Kindle Direct Publishing, and voila! Within hours we were  enjoying the same story! You don't have to wait months and months, or even longer to read the author's next book. This, of course, is another great perk of being an indie author.

So what else is great about being an indie author? Well, Amazon is celebrating Indie Authors throughout the month of October! What a great way to discover new books! Check out great Indie Authors at  You might find an new author or two to love! I know I have!

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  1. Nice to meet you, thanks for taking me into your world as an indie author. I found it to be very interesting, thanks.