Friday, May 26, 2017

Cutter's Creek: 20 books strong ...

I don't know why getting to write the 20th book in the Cutter's Creek Series seems special to me, but it does. Twenty being such a nice number you know.
But don't get me wrong, I didn't write all 20 (book #20, Promise of Love will release next week). No, to do a project like this, it's much more fun to bring your friends!
Vivi Holt, Annie Boone, Kari Trumbo and I have had a lot of fun creating our little town in the Montana territory, and just released a prequel -- Mountain Trails -- that tells you a little more about how the town came about. You can find it free on amazon  and also learn how Cutter's Creek got it's name. 
Myself, I've written four books for the series so far. Promise of Love will be my fifth. 
Some of the books are shorter, while others are much longer. Some have a more dramatic tone and some are light and sweet. I'm sort of the class clown of the group so mine are lighthearted and have their moments of humor.
We write in different decades during the 1800's, beginning just after the civil war, so there's a time line included in Mountain Trails. Because the four of us are covering a span of more than twenty years, we've listed the town preachers and what decades they occupied the little red chapel in town. I myself set my stories in the mid to late 1860's while the others write in the 1870's and beyond. It's fun to see how things change in a town over the course of the books. It's also fun to see what each other write! 
So I hope you enjoy this fun little prequel, and learn a bit more about our little town of Cutter's Creek in the Montana territory. The place with the little red chapel ...

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